Thursday, 5 May 2011

To my future wife

Dear Siti Aisyah
nobody would ever guessed how much this 4 days have meant for us..

nobody would believe that all of this happen this fast n beautiful..
bukan fast and furious ye..

nobody would ever imagine how much this has changed us..:)

My Dear Siti Aisyah,

no words can explain , no act can show how much this means to us..

but if put into words..this would be it i guess...:)

Love is…
Love is our winter cloak
It is the sip of water when we choke
Love is our daytime shade
It overlays all the mistakes we’ve made
Love is our home and our shelter
It is our ever so faithful bedtime storyteller
Love is a lush eternal tree
It concurs when everyone else fails to agree
Love is a fairy dressed in blue
It doesn’t exist yet it is so very true
Love corroborates grandeur
It is not for those whose heart is poor
Love is boundless as long as we try
Love is forever you
and I

by forever you and I it means that we are going to be together forever,
stick through thick and thin..through day and night , happiness and sadness..

Saya berdoa pada Allah semoga perhubungan yang suci ini akan di berakhir dengan ikatan yang sah diantara kita...dan awak adalah wanita yang akan menemani saya sehingga akhir hayat dan bidadari saya di syurga kelak.InsyaAllah.:)

Dear Siti Aisyah,

please accept me for what I am ,

far from perfect,

man of many flaws.

do tell if i stray away from the right path.


Dear Siti Aisyah ,

that's all for now



Mohammad Mokhtie B.Ahmad Najid