Thursday, 15 December 2011

It's been a while...


dah lame x menulis and update blog..last post pun pada 29 Sepember...da dkt 4 bulan....:)

update hari ni pun coincidental dgn my 4th month wedding anniversary dgn my beloved wifey , Siti Aisyah Ahmad..

Alhamdulillah...i never stop saying praise be to Allah ..for He has given me someone who cherish me and love me for who I am...

and so far the start of our life together has been somewhat colorful..:) ...Allah has also bless us with the news that my wifey now is 4 month pregnant...Alhamdulillah..:)

and to my dearest who is now working hard in completing her can do it sayang...there's one time that this can be achieved...and this is somewhat another one of that moment..:)

and one more thing...

Thanks for everything my dearest...abang am very much honored to spend my entire life with dearest ...Thanks jugak sbb accepting me for whom i u forever and ever dear...

Happy 4th month anniversary my dearest Siti Aisyah Ahmad


your lifetime boyfriend :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011



the wait has ended..on 16 / 9 / 2011 ..

i'm now the husband of SITI AISYAH BT AHMAD..:)

looking back at the past ..and pondering the present...

I am thankful to Allah ..:)

My dearest wife...
now starts the journey..

my promise to you..i will take care of you with all my life and take you as an amanah from Allah..
to be cherished..
to be loved...
to be given my all..

forever and ever....

your husband,


THURSDAY 29 / 9 / 2011

4.30 P.M

p/s: wait for me this friday ya dear..:)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!!!!!!

referring to the title above..
dengan ini saya mengucapkan selamat hari raya.....

belum lagi ye....hihihi

anyway this is my raya post since lps ni saya akan terpisah dari dunia maya for more than one week..

so here it goes..



p/s : lagi 21 days ya dear..:)

Monday, 15 August 2011

one more month to go...:)

pejam celik , pejam celik

we have come to a the 'real' countdown
one more month to go

to sum it up so far....:)
all has gone well..exciting..beautiful..most beautiful..:)

oh before that...last weekend was by far the greatest weekend ever...

the smile..the joy..the laughter..:)

and not to mention how jaded we are...huhu

but ....bahagia kan..:)

reaching this milestone...

we have come across this new phrase..
scared yet intriguing..:)

one month from now...happiness till the end

love ,

yg x jemu mengira demi kasih yang tercinta..:)

Monday, 1 August 2011

bulan yang pertama.....dan ketiga...:)

about one month this very moment..there i was

in my aunt's car.....waiting....:)

for what?...well , for the 'rombongan meminang 'to finish up their discussion...
penat jugak menunggu ni ye...:)

now here i am ...dah sebulan bertunang and approximately 44 days to be dubbed as 'laki orang'...hihihi
pray that all goes well...and for my dearest fiance ..thanks for everything...:)..i owe u a lot tau...

I promise you that this love story will never end...everyday i fall in love with you and the feeling goes stronger, deeper every day...few month back both of us would never imagine that our life would be turning out as beautiful as this kan...:)..well quoting u again..'.kalo Allah nak bagi tu kan ...senang je.'.:)

It has been 3 month old since the day we first met...well not actually met kan...hihi...from that day on..fate has ran its course and like mum always said...x payah cari ...dia datang sendiri...well truth be told...when it comes on its own...its in the form of the most beautiful light...that shines up my life ...and help to put me back on the right track...:)

My dearest fiance,

Happy 3rd month anniversary and selamat ulangtahun sebulan pertunangan kita....

loving you and never stop missing you are the two things that i will never stop doing for the rest of my life...

cinta kamu forever and ever...:)

mr choc sundae..:)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

50 days to eternal happiness...

The countdown has begun..
and now dah genap 25 days saya bergelar tunangan org..:)

if  nak kira hari it will be 50 days to go..
rather count it by weeks
7 weeks more...

seeeee...lagi kecik kan nombor die..:)

be it as it may...pusing kot mana pon...the date has been set..
16th of september 2011-Hari Malaysia

but starting that day..16th of september will be known as...

the day two souls united..
solemnization of two hearts..
the day we will never be separated again..forever..:)

Praying to Allah that all goes well...moga semuanya dipermudahkan ..
and may happiness be with us throughout our lives together..

saya yang sedang merindu tunang saya..:)

Monday, 18 July 2011

my side of the 'kalau ada jodoh' ...:)


hai to all ,
this post is sort of a reflection actually ...

of what have been written by my other half.."Kalau dah jodoh...":)..she has told her side of the story of how
she met her Mr Right Mr right is going to tell on his side of the story on how he met his soulmate...the one that will be with him for his entire life  ...and I'Allah also together in the hereafter...:)

remembering back the day before 2nd of one would ever guess it would be sooooo smooth, quoting it as 'fast and beautiful'...i never thought that my father's trip to Mecca for Umrah would take me this far in my life's journey ...:)

well , quoting from my other half's blog..

Kalau dah jodoh...
macam tu la kan...
TERIMA KASIH ALLAH...kerana bagi rezeki ini kepada saya..:)

 1st of may

I was at parkson with my sister helping her with her last minute shopping to prepare for her convocation  ..when mum called my sis and said...'ustaz asri call tanya pasal angah '..i was like ooooo..ok..and when when my mum talked a little more on the details then i gasp for air...An Ustazah!!!...nak ke dia kat saya ni mak..(mengada x bunyinye yet its reality ye)...mum said...for the details please come home as soon as possible ..Sampai kat rumah i saw my mum with smile on her face..after spilling out the details on how it happen mom said...ikut awaklah tp mak suka...mak x nak la cucu mak nanti pandai shakespeare je..nak jugak pandai mengaji...:).fast forwarding it to that and 3 of my siblings went to eat out at jerantut while my parents went to see ustaz asri..and meeting us up afterwards ..for tomorrow we are going to see and meet up with my future wife and her parents..

2nd of May

We went there at about 10.15 a.m...stopping by ustaz asri's house..he would be accompanying us..and then we went to the house...there..greeted warmly by her parents..the feeling cant be described...excited, takut , segan ,nervous etc...i was squirming all the time..after lunch than i had the chance to chit chat with ustaz asri whom now i called abang asri and that is when he pointed at one of the photos in front of me and said..tu lah aisyah...then it was first sight...there she was ..smiling happily her graduation robe...with her thick rimmed glasses..:)..when we were about to go home..once again abang asri poke me and pointed ..tu aisyah...and there she was..:) smiling while saying ggodbye to my sisters..while driving back to kuantan i gather all my guts just to text her if she has arrived at her then said to my self ..if she doesnt reply pun xpe la..just trying my luck..furthermore...sape la saye ni kan..rupa xde..tapi manis ade..hihihi then she answered with the warmest of words...followed with a smiley..and then it starts..the happiest journey of our life...:)

4th of may

she took my heart and make it hers by answering yes to my proposal to marry her..never have i been happier in my life when she replied my message by those words...:)..smiling non stop after that tau...

2nd of july we were officially engaged after two month of our fast is that..lets call it
ketentuan Allah....finally kami ditemukan and will not be separated till the end of our life

..sampai akhir nafas
..sampai hujung nyawa
..sampai kembali pada Nya

16th sept 2011- our solemnization so we have about two month to get far 50 % da siap..:)

18th sept 2011 -kenduri at her place , Kg Pedah,  Jerantut

24th sept 2011- kenduri at my place , Kg Kuala Mai , Temerloh

after that.....honeymoon sampai tua...:)

to end this i would also quote from her blog because as she completes me...her blog also completes mine...:)

Kalau dah jodoh...ALLAH akan permudahkan segalanya...:)
Kalau nak jodoh..jangan berhenti berdoa...mintalah padaNYA...yakin lah padaNYA...

en.tunang yang sayang cik tunang..)
future husband who loves his future wife sooo much..:)

Monday, 11 July 2011

tolong jangan lupa ya...:)


Post hari ini berkaitan dengan nombor be exact ..dates.

important numbers that changed our lives ....forever..:)

Dear memory,

tolong jangan lupa ya..:)

sampai mati...

oh ya....bilangan tarikh ini akan bertambah dari masa ke semasa..

kita mulakan ya..

2nd of   May 2011

8th of    May 2011

2nd of   July 2011

10th of  July 2011

17th of July 2011 

24th of July 2011

12th , 13th , 14th of August 2011-most wonderful weekend....ever :)


my dearest,
just knowing that we are going to spend
our lives together
is enough to make me feel like the happiest
person in the world..

thank dearest fiance..:)

oh ya..another one

4th of may- when all dreams become reality...:)..

Friday, 24 June 2011


Yes the title says it all...
Supposedly this post is written tomorrow so that
It will go with the flow kan...
Kira cukup seminggu but then again...
Esok have to go back and as we all know
Line broadband mmg xde di kampung saya..hihi
Dearest Aisyah,

Who would have known....
The end of our magical 2 month journey ends next Saturday..
And it started a new phase which will starts another 2 month 14 days route to happiness..:)
Dearest Aisyah,
Hear this...:)

Suami yang akan menikahi kamu
tidaklah semulia Muhammad saw.
tidaklah setaqwa Ibrahim
pun tidak setabah Ayyub
atau pun segagah Musa
apalagi setampan Yusuf

tapi hanya lelaki
yang mahu hadirmu  kelak
jadi teman, kawan
dunia akhirat
yang perjalanan ini panjang dan byk liku ,
tapi yakin pasti, boleh ditempuhi,
bila adanya kamu...:)

saya yang sayang kamu..:)

Friday, 3 June 2011

happy 1st month anniversary :) (belated)

my dearest...

yesterday was our 1st month anniversary...

pondering upon how it starts with me asking either u have arrived at ur destination ..

the answer:

salam..thanks for ur concern..:)..yes ust asri did tell me about it..i’m still on my way about you.?..

just like that it all started..:)


within one month,
we will be halfway through to eternal happiness

never will i forget to thank Allah for all of this...

happy 1st month anniversary dear Aisyah Ahmad

Mohammad Mokhtie B.Ahmad Najid
5.58 p.m

Thursday, 5 May 2011

To my future wife

Dear Siti Aisyah
nobody would ever guessed how much this 4 days have meant for us..

nobody would believe that all of this happen this fast n beautiful..
bukan fast and furious ye..

nobody would ever imagine how much this has changed us..:)

My Dear Siti Aisyah,

no words can explain , no act can show how much this means to us..

but if put into words..this would be it i guess...:)

Love is…
Love is our winter cloak
It is the sip of water when we choke
Love is our daytime shade
It overlays all the mistakes we’ve made
Love is our home and our shelter
It is our ever so faithful bedtime storyteller
Love is a lush eternal tree
It concurs when everyone else fails to agree
Love is a fairy dressed in blue
It doesn’t exist yet it is so very true
Love corroborates grandeur
It is not for those whose heart is poor
Love is boundless as long as we try
Love is forever you
and I

by forever you and I it means that we are going to be together forever,
stick through thick and thin..through day and night , happiness and sadness..

Saya berdoa pada Allah semoga perhubungan yang suci ini akan di berakhir dengan ikatan yang sah diantara kita...dan awak adalah wanita yang akan menemani saya sehingga akhir hayat dan bidadari saya di syurga kelak.InsyaAllah.:)

Dear Siti Aisyah,

please accept me for what I am ,

far from perfect,

man of many flaws.

do tell if i stray away from the right path.


Dear Siti Aisyah ,

that's all for now



Mohammad Mokhtie B.Ahmad Najid

Monday, 18 April 2011

sometimes they come back

yeah i know...its kind of cheesy to open up dusty albums and pondering on good old times ..

it reminded me of where i come from..
where dreams are made reality..
where good and bad collides..hahaha

Live & Let Die

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

hell-o to you

as the title says..

i 'm welcoming myself to the world of blogosphere .although this is not my first time writing in a blog..but i intend to keep this one active..

i promise.......................

saya janji....................


for now i'm kind of content with my's is good.
it's kind of hard when you are trying to satisfy others..
this goes to say ..pegi mam*%@ sama lu..ini hidup gua.hahaha
banyak lagi mende aku kene pikir...

hope that my dad will return back safely two weeks from now..
maybe x dpt pick him up at the airport.

aku mau kawan lalu tertawan
dia menawan
lantas buat jadi lawan
tggu awan

that's all